MISSHA Signature Science Blanc Pact


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MISSHA Signature Science Blanc Pact

For softly and clearly bright diamond-colored skin.

*Softly bright diamond-colored makeup: It helps make skin radiant with ingredients of fermented nacreous layer and provide healthy and bright diamond-colored skin. It helps provide beautiful vitality to skin.
*Expression of smooth and even skin texture: Applying Even Lumi Skin Effect, it helps express smooth an d even skin texture. Bright Vita Liposome provides moisture to express radiant makeup without feathering.
*Clean and bright complexion: Oil Soluble Licorice Extract helps skin whitening. White Flower Complex and Phyto Hydrating Complex help make skin radiant.

Directions: After basic skin care, apply foundation or makeup base. And then take an appropriate amount of pact on the puff  and apply it following skin texture.

Caution: For external use only Do not swallow . Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes.

Volume: 10 g


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